Tips For Destination Weddings

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. If you’ve decided to plan a destination wedding then you should be prepared to suffer an even greater amount of worrying. But fret not, we will share some tips on how to make yours a smooth experience.

When you plan a wedding in the same town or city you live in, you have the advantage of knowing your way around. You have a larger number of people to help you out and you have more resources at your disposal. You are better equipped to get yourself bargains and deals and save on expenses.

Destination weddings offer none of these pluses but they do have their own merits. You get to enjoy a completely new place and the locale and atmosphere is worth the extra money spent. A destination wedding is most often a combination of a wedding, honey moon and a getaway.

While planning a destination wedding first decide on the kind of locale you would like to have. For instance, if you like water, a beach wedding is the perfect solution. There are certain locations that actually specifically cater to destination weddings and are equipped to host your guests. Here are a few options you may want to consider for your destination wedding.

Italy is a hotspot as far as destination weddings are concerned. You can take your pick from locations like Milan, Florence, Venice and Rome. Each has its own charm and exudes romance. However, if you are not based out of Europe, you will need to take care of visas, make travel arrangements as well as look after accommodation. You will need to fix up transportation to all the events for your guests.

The uppers are that you can actually find foreign destination wedding planners who will take care of all the headaches for a fee.

If you are looking at a beach wedding, the Bahamas are one of the top picks to head to. Just make sure you check on the entry rules before you book your tickets. Nassau has a host of ancient fortresses and cathedrals were you could have your wedding ceremony. Your guests will be able to choose from a wide range of attractions such as casinos, shopping and great seafood.

If you and your partner are wine lovers you may want to choose a vineyard as the location for your wedding. The Napa Valley is a popular spot for destination weddings and you can find several wedding planners who specialize in organizing weddings there. Some vineyards actually have an in-house wedding planner to help you plan out your wedding at their vineyard.