How to Make Personalized Wedding Vows

Instead of sticking to the traditional nuptial declarations, a couple can personalize the wedding vows to make statements that relate to their journey as a couple and what they expect to give or get in the relationship. This makes the ceremony different and the couple can declare their feelings without restrictions. Sometimes, it might be the idea of one party to surprise the others with the personalized statements after saying the conventional ones. Whatever the case, it is important to plan the whole process. If the couple want to make their own, they have to agree on the contents. For instance, the areas to focus on, such as when the relationship began, the good times, bad times, their dreams and ambitions, the qualities they love in each other, how they intend to make each other happy and many more ideas. This will guide them on the content, structure and length of the declaration. They can decide to use poetry or prose form depending with their interests.

It is also mandatory to talk to the clergy solemnizing the ceremony to hear his or her view about the idea. The declaration should not be very different; therefore, the couple can write it together for it to have some consistency and to auger well because they will be directing them at each other. If the process is too hard, the couple can get motivation from a romantic song, poems, inspirational books and even from their friends. Thinking deep and hard about their love life will give them snippets of ideas about the way they handle each other, their strengths, values, dreams and qualities. If the idea is not feasible because of limits of time or creativity, they can always call in an expert. The ideas should be explained to this person and he or she can organize wedding vows that are suitable for the couple. Some help from an expert will guide them to come up with promises that are from the heart; personalized master pieces if you like.

Once they are composed and proof-read, the couple should practice until they get them right. There is the option of writing the wedding vows and reading them from a piece of card, but it would be better to say them from the heart and only use cards as references. If they so wish, they can say the promises to one another until the words stick in their heads. Some couples opt to work separately and hear the words on the big day but this may bring a disjointed message. If they set a guideline of questions the declaration should answer, the couple can work separately. Most of the personalized wedding vows are extracts from the religious books or from romantic poems. The Book of Solomon in the Bible is the most common source. Since creativity is the main rule in this, a couple with musical interests can organize to sing the words instead of reading them plainly. The words should be clear, easy to pronounce and comprehensible. Above all, they should live by what they vow.