Hot Wedding Trends

Wedding is the most special day in any lady’s life, as it is the day when they promise to spend rest of their life with one person. Wedding is a special day for the groom as well but ladies are generally more excited about the wedding ceremony. As bride is the prominent personality in wedding so designing the whole wedding ceremony around the theme of bridal is the hot trend today.

Wedding trends have changed over centuries but some traditions are still alive and these traditions make wedding ceremony a day to remember for bride, groom and the guests. Wedding trends and traditions varies from state to state, but there are different things which are common everywhere and are considered equally good in every state.

Wedding ceremony is designed around the bride and trend of this era is to design whole reception around the theme of bridal. Taking care of few things can make wedding a day to remember for bride, groom and guests.

Hot Bridal Trends

Bride is the queen of wedding and the bride’s appearance matters most in the wedding ceremony, the bride has to look her best at the wedding day; so choosing bride’s dress is of keen importance. In earlier decades, bride’s dress was the symbol of her family standard, the rich families brides used to wear elegant dresses with rich colors, whereas the brides belong to poor families used to wear their best dress at wedding day. Rich or poor, it is a tradition that brides wear their best dresses at wedding day.

Today, wedding dresses are specially designed and there are many designers that specialized in bride’s dresses, bridals can be very expensive considering the quality of fabric used and embroidery done. The traditional bride’s dress is “wedding gown” of white color, white is the traditional color of bridal and most of the designs are focused around white while designing bridal. The designers have taken measures to bring new designs of wedding dresses and now wedding dresses are available with different colors embroidery; pink, blue, golden and indigo embroideries on dresses looks very attractive and increase the beauty of dress.

Looking traditional and beautiful at the wedding day is every bride’s dream, and this dream has been made real by the designers, at least in wedding dresses. Along with the dress, tiara looks very elegant, wearing tiara at wedding is a tradition in many states, and many brides wear their family tiara to make the wedding day memorable.

Wearing family jewelry, dress or tiara is a very good trend in many states and it creates an emotional bonding and it is also a great way of expressing family bonding.

Hot Reception Trends

The trend of this year is to design the whole reception around the theme of bridal. Decorate the reception area considering in mind the color of bridal. The flowers used in the ceremony, the stage and guests sitting area should be matched with the color of bridal to make wedding day special for the bride. The reception is mostly carried out in a lawn i.e., outdoor reception is favored for reception whereas the dinner or lunch is served indoor. Deciding a location for the wedding reception is of keen importance. As the location makes great impact, outdoor lawns are most suitable for wedding reception.

Now days, there are specialized firms who manage all the affairs of wedding regarding location of reception and dinner etc. But organizing wedding oneself is the best thing to do, as it is the most important day for bride and groom so try to organize it by oneself can make it more memorable.

Hot Serving Food Trends

Food is very important in any party and for the wedding ceremony it is of keen importance, as the food makes the guests happy. Selecting food items for wedding ceremony is of keen importance, the food is decided considering the likes of bride and groom. The trend is to serve traditional food items or the favorite dishes of bride. The quality of food is of keen importance and serving the traditional dishes is trend of today.

Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding cake is the single most important food item in the whole ceremony, and it is a very old tradition kept alive today. The selection of cake is mostly done by the bride and groom together. Cakes are also decorated to make them attractive; the best way to select a wedding Cake is to match the color of cake with the bridal, taste of cake is also important and bride and groom are the best candidates to decide the flavor of wedding cake.