Be Eco-Friendly With Green Wedding Favors

There is an increasing trend to ‘green’ up our lives and make a lot more ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle choices, many brides are choosing to prepare a green wedding, including wedding favors with an eco-conscience.

Natural also comes beneath this umbrella as products which pertain to be produced from purely natural ingredients or materials and which shouldn’t consist of any unnatural components or chemicals. So picking organic wedding favors to give to your guests can make a good addition to your green wedding strategy.

You are possibly thinking it is solely vegetables which come in organic form! But the organic growth methods go significantly further than the vegetable patch! Consider these suggestions for eco-friendly wedding favors for your guests:

So lets begin with vegetables! A favor comprising of seed products from organic resources can make for a great wedding favor. Also try flower seeds, herbs or seedlings which have been produced organically. If you want to follow the craze for tree seedlings, then look for producers using ecological resources and wherever organic growth procedures have been employed such as organic compost and fertilizers and natural pesticide sprays.

Food Stuff: There has been a large increase in the choice of food related products hitting the cabinets with organic credentials, including things like honey and preserves, to containers of wine, cider and beer. Or stick with classic style favors but give them organic chocolates, candies or almonds instead! Another food related option is to give your guests a book of organic tasty recipes or single recipes for organic dishes.

Gifts: Eco-friendly items now incorporate products such as clothing, accessories, cards and wrappings. Have your thank you tags created on organic card and try to incorporate recycled card in your wedding stationery too. Why not create scented sachets with organic cotton bags and flower petals or lavender from organic growers?

Something Scented: You will find a wide choice of organic skin care products and beauty products available and you could almost certainly find an excellent choice at your nearby grocery store. If you can’t get hold of mini or sample size versions, then buy larger bottles and split them into smaller containers available from wholesalers. Little scented soaps are popular wedding favors and look nice offered in small organic cotton bags. Or look for candles produced from organic ingredients such as soy or beeswax. Larger candles look beautiful presented in card boxes or offer two or three smaller scented candles in an organic cotton bag.