Organic Wedding Elements

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for ways to make their weddings more eco-friendly. From organic to fair trade to environmentally low-impact materials, there are lots of ways that a couple can have a greener wedding. Read on for some tips on how to incorporate more organic details into your own celebration.

Like all things, a greener wedding should start at the beginning. There are finally some stylish and environmentally responsible options for wedding invitations. Look for stationery created from recycled paper (don’t worry, it does not look recycled) or organic cotton. Rather than toxic inks, choose safer soy-based inks to print all of your information. This will get your wedding off to a good start!

If you have been looking into ways to use organic items in your wedding, you have probably already given some thought to the menu. The first step is to choose a caterer who specializes in sourcing organic and locally grown produce, poultry, and so on. Did you know that you can also find organic wine and even organic spirits, like vodka? They are the perfect accompaniment to an organic dinner.

Also think about fair-trade delicacies, like chocolate and after-dinner coffee. (Fair-trade products ensure that the farmers are receiving a livable wage for their labor.) You can serve up a cup of organic fair-trade coffee with local organic cream for a post-meal beverage that will be as eco-friendly as it is delicious. For your guests who prefer to sip a cup of tea, offer certified organic fair-trade herbal teas.

The bride will surely want to find ways to make her wedding ensemble more green, as well. There are now bridal gown designers who create dresses from hemp, organic cotton, or fair-trade silk. If none of these gowns appeal to you, consider having your mother’s wedding gown re-cut to wear for your special day. When you can’t go organic, reusing is a good alternative. Handmade wedding jewelry is the perfect complement to an earth-friendly wedding gown. Look for wedding jewelry that has been handmade with “cleaner” precious materials, such as Swarovski crystals in lieu of diamonds.

Your wedding décor can also go organic. You will find many beautiful choices for organic flowers. To reduce your carbon footprint even further, buy locally produced blooms whenever possible. Not only will the flowers have traveled fewer miles, you will be helping a local farmer, as well. Naturally with your organic flowers, you will want to use soy candles with non-toxic wicks, rather than regular petroleum-based candles. You can create a reception that is romantic and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Finish off your wedding with organic favors for your guests. Anything edible is an excellent choice for favors, so think about things such as organic chocolate or organic cookies in boxes or bags made from recycled materials. You can also choose favors like packets of organic seeds or a lovely room spray created from organic lavender. There are as many fantastic possibilities for organic favors as there are types of brides and grooms. Once you set your mind to it, you will find that it is actually quite easy to plan a wedding using as many organic and earth-friendly details as possible.