Planning a Great Wedding Takes Time

The process of planning for a great wedding event is not particularly easy. It requires proper management of time and perfect attention and vision. The first step in planning is to sketch an outline about the event from the start till the end. The venue, outfits and the food items that are going to be served to the guests must be planned at least two months before the event.

When selecting the date for the wedding, it is very important to make sure that it is comfortable for the bride, bride grooms and other important guests for the event. When setting up a budget, it is necessary to make sure that it is easily operational and offers flexibility by mixing up both the fantasy and the practical features. When ordering jewelry items, it is wise to seek advice from the friends and relatives out of their own experience. The venue for the wedding and reception must be booked early. The officiant of the wedding event must be consulted about the restrictions of the wedding and the wedding area.

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Hot Wedding Trends

Wedding is the most special day in any lady’s life, as it is the day when they promise to spend rest of their life with one person. Wedding is a special day for the groom as well but ladies are generally more excited about the wedding ceremony. As bride is the prominent personality in wedding so designing the whole wedding ceremony around the theme of bridal is the hot trend today.

Wedding trends have changed over centuries but some traditions are still alive and these traditions make wedding ceremony a day to remember for bride, groom and the guests. Wedding trends and traditions varies from state to state, but there are different things which are common everywhere and are considered equally good in every state.

Wedding ceremony is designed around the bride and trend of this era is to design whole reception around the theme of bridal. Taking care of few things can make wedding a day to remember for bride, groom and guests.

Hot Bridal Trends

Bride is the queen of wedding and

Lovely Ideas on Wedding Favours

It’s easy to miss out on organizing wedding favors when you are already preoccupied with other wedding details. Wedding favors can range from candies to souvenirs given to guests as a sign of gratitude and thanks for attending the special occasion. Although not really necessary, it is already a tradition to give out wedding favours. Ideas on wedding souvenirs should not be difficult, as the choices are endless.

When deciding what kind of favors to give out to guests, consider you and your spouse’s preference and personality, because, what you give out should show a piece of the both of you. Your guests will be keeping the favors as a remembrance of your special day. You will want them to think of you and your spouse every time they look at the souvenir.

The next thing is to decide whether you will make them or just buy the souvenirs. If you make them yourself, you will be able to give them a personalized, original touch, but doing so can be expensive and challenging. With the number of guests that a bride and groom can have, the DIY approach isn’t practical. Some people simply just buy souvenirs

Tips For Destination Weddings

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. If you’ve decided to plan a destination wedding then you should be prepared to suffer an even greater amount of worrying. But fret not, we will share some tips on how to make yours a smooth experience.

When you plan a wedding in the same town or city you live in, you have the advantage of knowing your way around. You have a larger number of people to help you out and you have more resources at your disposal. You are better equipped to get yourself bargains and deals and save on expenses.

Destination weddings offer none of these pluses but they do have their own merits. You get to enjoy a completely new place and the locale and atmosphere is worth the extra money spent. A destination wedding is most often a combination of a wedding, honey moon and a getaway.

While planning a destination wedding first decide on the kind of locale you would like to have. For instance, if you like water, a beach wedding is the perfect solution. There are certain locations that actually specifically cater to destination

How to Make Personalized Wedding Vows

Instead of sticking to the traditional nuptial declarations, a couple can personalize the wedding vows to make statements that relate to their journey as a couple and what they expect to give or get in the relationship. This makes the ceremony different and the couple can declare their feelings without restrictions. Sometimes, it might be the idea of one party to surprise the others with the personalized statements after saying the conventional ones. Whatever the case, it is important to plan the whole process. If the couple want to make their own, they have to agree on the contents. For instance, the areas to focus on, such as when the relationship began, the good times, bad times, their dreams and ambitions, the qualities they love in each other, how they intend to make each other happy and many more ideas. This will guide them on the content, structure and length of the declaration. They can decide to use poetry or prose form depending with their interests.

It is also mandatory to talk to the clergy solemnizing the ceremony to hear his or her view about the idea. The declaration should not be very different; therefore, the couple

Prepare Your Wedding

When I was preparing to get married, the wedding checklist that came with the planner wasn’t enough, and scrambled to find another one elsewhere. This had saved me some much needed time, and also saved me to prevent from forgetting a few things that I may have forgotten until it was too late. I would have remembered them, but time would have been very tight as the wedding approached.

A good organized wedding checklist not only lists everything that you have to do, or at least that you might want to include, but it also gives you a good enough time frame. Some wait until it is much too late to order their bridesmaid dresses. A good wedding checklist will advise you to do it early enough for the order to come in, and to give you plenty of time for required alterations. It might tell you to do this six months before the actual wedding, where as many might wait until three months before and end up with a lot of problems. You should somewhat conclude that something will go awry, so giving yourself time is much better than cutting it close.

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Choosing Your Destination Wedding Planner

Choosing the right wedding planner for your destination wedding on Koh Samui can be challenging. There are so many companies that are available on the internet and how do you know one company from the next? Here is a short list of things to consider when looking for your wedding planner on this beautiful tropical island.

Does the wedding planner live and work on Koh Samui or will you have to pay extra to have them fly in and organize your wedding? Having someone who lives and works on Koh Samui would be ideal as they will likely have the best contacts for everything you are looking for – not to mention they will save you money as they are already located on Koh Samui.

Is the wedding planner a knowledgeable, certified wedding professional or do they just help organize weddings? Having a certified wedding planner adds the benefit of professional skills that many other people would not have. Their specialized training can give you added assurance that they know what they are doing.

Does the wedding planner instill confidence in you, allowing you to relax knowing everything is being properly taken care of for